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Agenda for the Future of Recruiting

Hiring Success 18 Europe bedrocks itself on the three topics your TA team should be most thinking about: innovation, inclusion, and hiring success.

No longer powered by fax blasts into the great unknowable aether, Talent Acquisition has become an industry at the crossroads of inclusion, technology, and business strategy. A place of organizational importance unimaginable to the backroom resume-shufflers of yesteryear is now our reality. We asked for a seat at the table, we got it, and now we have to bring it.

Business leaders now have begun to view the people-function of their companies as a strategic asset, as they should. The challenge then becomes to keep abreast of the ever-shortening cycles of innovation, and that’s what Hiring Success 18 Europe, September 19th-20th in Berlin, is all about. Two days of non-stop workshops, demos, interactive presentations, and collaboration for practitioners to engage with the latest in best-practice for tech, diversity, and on-the-ground recruiting.

We’ve broken it down into three most challenging topics facing TA today, check out our full agenda here!

Innovation: big data, bots, blockchain, and AI.

In our exploding age of hyper-data, learn how recruitment advertising is poised to take over traditional job posting in “The Future of Job Advertising.” Watch chatbots battle it out live to answer your questions and prove their language-processing chops in “Battle of the Bots.” Will blockchain create a new gig economy, and how can this crypto-tech be the answer for data security compliance? Find out in “Blockchain in Recruiting.” Talk AI, or demo rather, with interactive presentations that illustrate just how far we’ve already come in “The March of Artificial Intelligence.”

Also: augmented reality, assessment, and analytics!

Inclusion: leverage social media, refugee candidates, and remote work.

Sure, you have candidates, but how do you turn this random group into a community? Find out how in “The Art of Community Building.” Tap into marginalized talent markets with “Have Your Hired a Refugee.?” If you are short on candidates, maybe your bias is blinding you: in “Ageism at Work” recruiters learn to root out irrelevant judgments so they can hire the best people. Go remote without losing engagement with these tips in “Inspire Your Remote Workforce.”

Also: why unlikely applicants make great hires and gender parity!

Hiring Success: leadership strategy, employer brand, and zainy campaigns.

Get on the same page as leadership in “Aligning the Board with Your TA strategy” and anything is possible. Your company is great to work at, so make sure the candidate knows it too in, “How to Pitch Your Company.” Or get inspired by the innovative recruiting campaigns in “Creative Recruiting Combinations,” spoiler – someone uses Tinder.

Also: hyper-growth, scaling through IPO, recruiter brand, and internal mobility!

Are you ready for the future of recruiting? Get to know some of our featured speakers here!


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