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Do You Know if Your Evaluation Methods Are Legal? RightHire Does!

Assessment is an important pre-hiring step, but if not done correctly you could be in a world of legal hurt.

Today’s employers must shoulder the burden of responsibility when it comes to knowing and complying with relevant anti-discrimination laws. According to a recent study, 42 percent of TA professionals felt that negligent hiring practices were the top concern for companies in 2018. “Ban the box” legislation, GDPR compliance, and other legal restrictions mean that companies need to be hyper-vigilant about their hiring practices.

Aware of these sensitive legal issues, a diverse team of scientists, business executives, and HR professionals came together in March of 2011 with the goal of building legally-defensible pre-employment assessments for any job. This team sought to create a cost-effective and time-saving solution that would empower organizations of all sizes to hire better quality candidates without sacrificing candidate experience.

The result? RightHire, an internet-based pre-hire assessment solution that is the only one of its kind to leverage a powerful innovative feature known as Synthetic Validity (patent-pending).

Using the RightHire platform, employers can build assessments that are legally defensible, highly predictive, offer a more positive candidate experience, and are 20 times faster than traditional methods of building assessments. Additionally, customers can build assessments for all types of positions, even low volume roles that aren’t typically covered by other solutions.

To learn more, we talk to Dave Mayers, RightHire’s VP of Business Development.

Briefly, on the back of a cocktail napkin, how does your product work?

Our assessment system evaluates applicants for any job. Administrators on the SmartRecruiters applicant tracking system (ATS) create customized job evaluations for each particular role within a company. Recruiters can then access this template library, and invite candidates to complete the relevant assessment. Once the candidate finishes, the hiring team receives a score for the applicant’s likelihood of success.

Why is your product a necessary tool for any SmartRecruiters customer?

Our pre-hire assessment system saves time while increasing the quality of hire, which means more productive workers who stick around longer.

What does your product do that can’t be replicated?

Our system is based on a novel technology called Synthetic Validity, exclusively licensed from the University of Calgary, Canada, which allows our customers to build legally-defensible job assessments that save companies precious resources.

How does your product help make the hiring process as easy as possible?

Customers can use our assessment system at the top of the recruiting funnel to assess all job applicants and screen-out poor-performing candidates. Alternatively, customers can use our assessments on applicants that pass the resume/phone screening, so interviewers can spend more time with vetted candidates.

How long would it take for the average existing SR user to implement and take full advantage of your product?

Implementation and startup take less than two hours, allowing hiring teams to augment their recruiting function the same day they sign up for RightHire.

What do you see as the future of Talent Acquisition and how do you fit into it?

We believe that innovation is key to the future of TA. RightHire is the first assessment to enable customers to quickly and cost-effectively build assessments for any of their jobs in a legally defensible way.

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