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8 Ways to Grow Recruiting Expertise with the SmartRecruiters Customer Community

Hiring Without Boundaries™ is about breaking free of limitations. And sometimes that limitation is in your mind: it can be a knowledge gap, an outdated mindset, or just an inclination that you know something else is possible but are not sure where to find it.  

According to Elizabeth Panska, Director, Customer Community & Advocacy at SmartRecruiters, “‘What are other customers doing? How do I compare?’ are some of the most common questions we get in our customer-facing roles.” That’s the seed from which the SmartRecruiters Customer Community was born. Launched in September 2022, the community has quickly become a trusted resource for SmartRecruiters customers globally. In just eight months, the community has hosted more than 6,000 customers and nearly 300 discussions that show what’s possible on the SmartRecruiters platform. 

Elizabeth Panska

“From the community perspective, hiring without boundaries means expanding the realm of possibility by learning more about the product and about what their peers are doing,” Elizabeth said. The SmartRecruiters community gives customers access to resources and connections that expand their thinking about how to leverage SmartRecruiters to drive Hiring Success®. In the community, they can share best practices, submit ideas and feedback, and grow their knowledge of the SmartRecruiters platform. Here’s the lowdown on what customers can do inside the community:

1. Start a discussion

In the fast-changing world of talent acquisition, new challenges constantly arise. In the community, customers can introduce themselves and ask questions of their peers about technical, high-level, and day-to-day challenges.

2. Help peers

By engaging in discussions and answering questions, customers can share their experiences. A few members have grown in their leadership skills through their frequent contributions. Some have even presented to SmartRecruiters employees in our quarterly Customer First event.

3. Keep up with quarterly product releases

Every quarter, SmartRecruiters releases dozens of delightful enhancements and product updates. In the community, customers get updates on what’s coming and details on the new features. Once a quarter, we host a live Quarterly Release webinar where our product team shows what’s new and answers questions.

4. Connect live with peers

The Customer Connect & Exchange event occurs monthly in several time zones. Via Zoom, customers discuss current topics of note in their hiring organization and learn best practices from one another.

5. Attend training webinars

The SmartRecruiters training team delivers several product-oriented webinars per month that cover a range of recruiting topics. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions in a live setting. Webinars are recorded. Recent webinar titles include:

  • Strong Command of Data and Priorities: Analytics and Dashboard
  • Ease of Connecting with Candidates: Email Templates
  • Good Governance Guides Good Practice: System Roles and Permissions

6. Submit SmartIdeas

From a link in the community, SmartRecruiters customers have the ability to submit product ideas. Other customers can view the ideas and upvote them. Many of our product enhancements are sourced directly from these requests.

7. Participate in the Design Lab

The Design Lab is a collaborative space where customers engage in creative sessions to discuss insights about Hiring Success and SmartRecruiters’ products. Design Lab members are able to join conversations and shape innovative solutions that have already benefited thousands of customers.

8. Earn badges

Some customers enjoy collecting cool badges that show how much they’ve shared and helped people. As always, the SmartRecruiters Community moderators are committed to maintaining a safe and helpful place for all customers.

Choose your recruiting community adventure

With so many options for participation, “Customers get to determine their own journey,” Elizabeth said. “They choose their own adventure.” Some recent discussions around DEI have helped customers understand variations in hiring and compliance across different countries. They can also offer support and celebrate each others’ wins. “That’s what I’m most excited about,” said Elizabeth. “It’s wonderful to see the relationships build and grow.”

SmartRecruiters customers can click the image below to start growing their expertise in the community.

SmartRecruiters Community Link

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Lee Ann Prescott