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Get the Latest Resources for Recruiter Training in the SmartRecruiters University

Making hiring look easy requires thoughtful configuration behind the scenes. Hiring teams come to SmartRecruiters for the ATS’s ability to adapt to their unique needs—which can change at any moment and require reconfiguration. Additionally, team members can change at any moment and the latest hire may need a crash course in SmartRecruiters. Hiring teams need access to the most up-to-date platform and recruiter training.

In the SmartRecruiters University, hiring managers, recruiters, and admins can access task-based videos, comprehensive training, and live/on-demand learning. Headed by Elizabeth Panska, Director of Community & Advocacy, the university offers a range of learning resources so that customers can develop expertise in the product and stay up to date with recruiting best practices. “We want customers to not just understand how to set things up but also to understand the downstream impacts of any changes they make,” said Elizabeth. Taking a holistic view of talent acquisition workflows is how our customers achieve Hiring Success.  

“Knowledge is power,” Elizabeth said as she explained how the University team approaches its work. In the last year, the University has become a valuable source of practical learning.  Within minutes, customers can access the following types of learning. 

1. Product Tutorials

This library contains more than 100 short tutorials that are kept current as the product evolves. Each focuses on one aspect of the product, and most are five minutes or less. Customers can navigate by role or product area, or search for a specific topic.

2. Guided On-Demand Learning

This includes: 

  • The SmartRecruiters Overview course, which provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the system.
  • SmartRecruiters Configuration, which is a three-hour training that takes customers through how to set up the system for use. Topics include creating job fields, screening questions, approvals paths, hiring processes, and templates.

3. Live Training

Our live trainings give customers the opportunity to ask questions and learn from peers.  These sessions include: 

  • Admin Bootcamp. The bootcamp is offered for a fee and runs monthly across regional time zones.
  • Office Hours. Held weekly, these interactive sessions give customers an opportunity to speak with SmartRecruiters experts and get consultative guidance on the best configuration to meet their challenges.
  • Webinars. Customers can select from several webinars each month on both new and core hiring topics. Recent examples include offer management, interview scorecards, and the SmartRecruiters API. Guest experts and SmartRecruiters customers frequently appear on the webinars, which are recorded and housed in a Resources section of the University. 

4. Product Updates

Every quarter, the SmartRecruiters product team releases updates and delightful enhancements as we continually evolve our solution. In the University, customers will find recordings of the quarterly release webinars and tutorials on how to use key features. Customers can find the most recent recording here

5. SmartRecruiters Expert Assessment 

Taking this 70-minute, 60-question exam demonstrates customers’ knowledge of hiring best practices and provides a badge of career achievement. Those who pass with a score of 70% or above receive a certificate and instructions for adding the badge to their LinkedIn profile.

How Recruiter Training in the University Facilitates Hiring Success

When talent acquisition teams are empowered to learn in ways that suit them, whether that’s bite-size content or deep discussions on a topic, they forge a path to hiring success. “Knowledge helps customers expand their capabilities so that they can move forward and do amazing things,” Elizabeth said. “We hope to make it as simple as possible.”

Lee Ann Prescott