A Guide for Enterprise Applicant Tracking Systems

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What qualifies as an enterprise company?

In short, an enterprise is a large business or company with multiple divisions, levels, or groups. They have hundreds to thousands of employees behind the scenes. Enterprises will also have an annual recruiting budget, and they’re willing to pay for large purchases and investments up front instead of paying monthly. 

What is an applicant tracking system for enterprises?

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) increase the efficiency of recruiting and hiring new talent for an enterprise. Those unfamiliar with its capabilities may think that an ATS for enterprises is simply a tool to help you add job postings to job boards, but an ATS can do so much more. It’s an entire ecosystem where companies can recruit, hire and manage new employees in one central location. 
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The main features to look for in a new ATS for your enterprise

So what features should you look for in a new ATS for your enterprise? Here is a brief guide to some of the characteristics to look for. 

Latest technology

An ATS lacking in the latest technology won’t get you very far. The Talent Acquisition Suite is an ATS with all the latest features such as direct sourcing, a one-click apply process, and mobile app capabilities. With this type of technology backing your ATS, you simplify the candidate experience while keeping the hiring process transparent. 


Fuel your high-volume hiring seasons with a scalable platform. SmartRecruiters makes it easy for companies to manage large volumes of applicants by implementing streamlined hiring processes.


An ATS should improve the overall efficiency of your current system. You need to choose a system that allows you to stay within your hiring budget while improving your hiring velocity and net hiring score to hit this mark. These hiring metrics will help you determine the return on investment on your ATS. 

Recruitment Marketing

Your enterprise should strive to have a stylish and modern employer brand to attract fresh talent consistently. This is especially important when you aim to recruit millennials and Gen Z. These age groups are drastically changing the workplace, and programs that let you create custom marketing programs to appeal to this segment of the workforce are a necessity. 

Career Sites

To say that today’s talent market is competitive is an understatement. Every recruiting team out there is working hard to showcase their company’s brand and bring in top-tier talent to take their enterprise to new heights.  To succeed with your recruitment marketing efforts, a modern career site that personalizes their experience is vital to engaging with and drawing in potential candidates. Detail why a modern career site is essential for your recruitment marketing efforts

Programmatic Job Advertising 

If you are an enterprise and need to scale your hiring, programmatic job ads are necessary. Save your talent acquisition (TA) team from posting to job boards that don’t produce good talent.   With software like SmartDistribute, you can post and manage all jobs postings from a singular platform. Once the jobs are posted, SmartJobs enables teams to track the listings' performance and focus their budget on areas that will give your company the highest return on investment. 

AI Capabilities 

Even the most efficient TA teams can only make it through so many resumes in a day. During high-volume hiring seasons, this can slow down the process and risk losing out on high-quality hires. To efficiently scale your recruiting efforts, utilize the capabilities of AI recruiting software like SmartAssistant. Then, accelerate the process with software that instantly screens candidates and produces top talent in the time it takes you to make your morning coffee. 

Text/Chatbot Recruiting 

To catch fish, you need to get out in the water. Meet candidates where they are in today’s hybrid work environment with chatbot and text recruiting software. SMS and WhatsApp connectivity give recruiters a better chance at reaching a global candidate pool. In addition, using software to coordinate interviews with potential hires automatically can decrease missed opportunities in a fast-paced work environment. 


If your enterprise operates across multiple countries, it is vital to have locally-relevant, multilingual recruiting processes. Each market or geography will have varying compliance regulations, but SmartGlobal takes this in stride. This global recruiting software provides localized hiring tools for teams worldwide. This helps organizations of various sizes create a time-saving operation to recruit talent from around the globe.


Lastly, the final feature you should look for is compliance. As a global enterprise, you need to ensure that your recruiting efforts are compliant with global regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Your ATS should handle candidate data responsibly, build compliance reports and offer local support to those in other countries. 
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