Strategies for Healthcare Recruiting in 2022

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The Continuing Challenges of Healthcare Staffing During a Pandemic

These past two years, many workers in the public and private sectors have worked tirelessly to support healthcare workers on the frontlines. With such a dramatic shortage of healthcare workers, finding qualified healthcare professionals to fill these positions became increasingly difficult.  Due to the continued unpredictability of the global public health situation in 2022, healthcare staffing agencies need to hit the ground running with recruitment. To keep your chances high of hiring top-tier candidates for your positions, we’ve collected several strategies you can implement to meet the current hiring demand. 

The Best Job Boards for Healthcare

The demands of the healthcare industry are changing every day, and recruiters are struggling to find skilled professionals for healthcare positions. However, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. To make your hunt for top-tier talent an easier process, check out seven of the best job boards for healthcare. 
  1. Healthcare Job Site: A place for healthcare professionals to manage their careers, search for current openings, and connect with potential employers.
  2. A resource-based site that publishes weekly advice articles about various medical careers. Job seekers can use filters on the site to find jobs based on salary, education, and exertion levels. 
  3. CareerBuilder: Healthcare talent looking for new opportunities can get matched to current job openings where they might be a good fit. 
  4. This website has dedicated platforms for medical job listings for biotech workers, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists. 
  5. This website boasts their social platform “Medical Mingle”, where community members can interact through support groups, forums, and articles. Their job database allows job seekers to search for positions based on job type, location, specialty, and more. 
  6. Hospital Careers: Hospitals partner with Hospital Careers to post current openings and place healthcare professionals in positions across the nation. 
  7. Health Career Center: This website offers professionals a job search tool along with free resources like webinars, coaching, and a career learning center. 

How to Build Flexible, Sustainable Talent Pools for Urgent Hiring Needs

With all the changes currently happening in the healthcare field, recruiters need to build talent pools they can dip into to fill any urgent hiring needs that may arise. Although finding high-quality candidates is much easier said than done, there are a few tactics you can implement to streamline the process.  

Hire workers who can solve problems

Before seeking out talent, determine what problems you need to solve. Instead of teaching candidates to problem solve after hiring them, try to hire workers who have already solved the current problems. Create a list of attributes that the ideal candidate should have, and keep these at the forefront while you go through the hiring process

Actively shadow to learn about positions 

While recruiters may not have the time to shadow each position they’re trying to fill, shadowing will give them a much clearer picture of the position they’re aiming to fill. You’ll have a realistic view of the position and department, making it easier for you to find the right kind of talent. 

Use proper assessment tools 

While typical assessment tools like resumes and certificates do showcase applicants’ technical skills, these don’t always show the whole picture. Instead, use assessments that will reveal potential hires’ personality traits or attitudes. These aptitudes will help you predict future behavior and job performance. 

Healthcare Hiring Best Practices

Here are a few hiring practices to implement to attract the right kind of talent to your team:
  • Build a strong brand: 68% of candidates pay attention to company brand and values over products and services. Focus on building a strong brand that shows potential employees how you will support them and what they can expect from working with you.  
  • Foster collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters:  A healthy relationship between hiring managers and recruiters increases the likelihood of a timely and consistent hiring manager interview experience for all incoming talent. 
  • Simplify talent sourcing: Instead of having several hurdles for candidates to jump through during the initial interview process, make it easy for talent from all walks of life to apply. Consider removing certain resume, experience or CV restrictions to simplify talent sourcing. 

Forecasting Healthcare Recruiting Trends in 2022

The continued importance of virtual recruiting

2020 and 2021 saw an uptick in the practice of virtual recruiting, and we expect this to continue on well into 2022. This form of recruiting allows businesses to reach a wider pool of candidates. Both businesses and recruiters will need to brush up on their technical know-how to keep up and make the most of virtual recruitment. In addition, regularly state your company values and mission throughout the recruitment process to attract the right kind of people. 

Employee Wellness & Vaccination Mandates

Employee wellness and mental well-being are expected to become a top priority in 2022. We’ve seen the importance of focusing on the mental and physical well-being of nurses during the nursing shortage. Organizations will likely be making changes to foster a healthy work environment to combat burnout and stress. 

Internal Mobility

Since several organizations have found it increasingly difficult to hire external talent as they did before, internal mobility will become a critical part of finding skilled employees to fill the gaps left behind.  Gone are the days of using already limited resources on job ads or recruitment marketing campaigns to recruit talent externally. Instead, we will see a trend of companies building internal mobility platforms to easily promote staff and recruit talent from existing positions within the region. 
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